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For those new to playing music, you have probably seen a capo being used before, but may be unsure what it is used for.  The word capo (KAY-poh) derives from the Italian "capotasto" which means "head of fretboard" referencing the “nut” the one point of contact for the strings to the neck of the guitar on the headstock.  A capo is used to shorten the length of the string, or “head of the fretboard” allowing the instrumentalist to play the same fingerings in a higher key.  For instance on a guitar without a capo a solo and chords learned in the key of “G” can be played in the key of “A” without learning to play anything differently just by placing the capo behind the second fret.  We have capos for six string guitars, twelve string guitars, classical guitars, banjos, fifth string banjo capos, ukulele capos, mandolin capos, and dobro or resophonic guitar capos.

Banjo / Mandolin Capo

Guitar Capo


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