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Kat Eyz Stainless Steel 0" Radius Banjo Capo (1/4 TS)

Elevate your banjo playing with the Kat Eyz Capo! This unique design offers fantastic stability, reduced tension, and precise intonation, making it an essential accessory for all banjo players. The V-shaped saddle and thinner diameter fretbar guarantee your banjo stays perfectly in tune, while the two anchor points on the neck reduce pressure IN HALF compared to other capo designs. These capos can precisely match any radius, requiring minimal tension for a buzz-free performance. Each Kat Eyz Capo is meticulously handmade and backed by a lifetime workmanship guarantee. Order the Kat Eyz Capo today and experience the difference!


1-Polished Stainless Steel
0'' radius
1/4" thumb screw

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