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D'Addario XTAPB1356 Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Set

The latest innovation from D'Addario's product team has arrived. These strings have an all new "micro-thin" treatment that gives all the tone and feel of an uncoated string, while enhancing the lifespan 4X over a regular uncoated string.
  • Extended lifespan by treating all strings, protecting them against the corrosive effects of sweat and humidity
  • Natural feel and tone of uncoated strings preserved by treating freshly drawn wire with an invisibly thin and durable polymer coating
  • High carbon steel wire delivers enhanced pitch stability and break resistance
  • Enhanced tuning stability and reduced break-in period thanks to our Fusion Twist process which locks the plain steel twist in place
  • D’Addario controls every aspect of the string making process, from wire drawing to coating to string winding, ensuring every set consistently performs to your standards

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What is XT?
XT is an extended lifespan treatment that we apply to every plain steel and wound string in the set. It features a proprietary high carbon steel core and plain steel wire that significantly increases the durability and tuning stability of the strings.

How does XT compare to EXP?
XT features an improved coating that is thinner and more durable than EXP. The treatment is imperceptible, so it feels, sounds, and plays like an uncoated string.
The XT treatment is applied to every steel string in a set, unlike EXP which could only be applied to the wound strings.

Does XT treatment effect the tone of the strings?
We have proven that our XT lifespan treatment has little to no perceptible effect on the tone of the strings, compared to an uncoated string. You wouldn’t know the strings were coated if we didn’t tell you.

How does it differ from NYXL?
XT strings do not feature the proprietary Nickel Plated Steel wrap wire that NYXL uses, which gives NYXL its distinctive tone

I don't have room for XT strings, what should I do?
Replace your current assortment of EXP strings with XT.
Consider replacing other coated strings with XT.

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