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K&K Golden Trinity BassMax


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K&K's bass transducers are wonderful, and can deliver a exceptionally warm and natural double bass sound -- but there are times when a microphone can add extra warmth and life to your signal, or perhaps be the total true voice of your bass. Choosing and using a microphone can be a real challenge and an expensive proposition, especially when you want to blend it with your current rig. We've taken the hassle out of the process by creating convenient systems that can work for you immediately -- right out of the box.

Several different combinations of the Golden Bullet URB and K&K's popular upright bass pickups are available. The different Golden Trinity Combinations offer you a great deal of flexibility for reproducing the natural sound of your upright bass.

If you already have a Double Big Twin or Bass Max, we recommend the Golden Trinity Upgrade System. Upgrading from another manufacturer's pickup may be possible. Please contact our tech support department to discuss your options.

The Golden Trinity Bass Max System includes:

  • Golden Bullet URB Microphone
  • String-mounted stereo jack
  • Integrated Bass Max wing-slot pickup
  • 6 foot 3 inch conductor cable
  • 2-channel external preamp