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PortaStand Telescoping Mic Boom Arm (PAS-MBA)


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From drummers to lead singers, the conundrum of “straight versus boom” has long haunted musicians on the hunt for the perfect new mic stand. But why limit yourself to a full stand if that’s more than you need? Our Telescoping Mic Boom Arm offers a durable, affordable, straightforward mic boom accessory that attaches to any standard 5/8″-27 mic thread. With a collapsed length of 16″, it’s as portable as you would expect from a Portastand product—but it extends to a full 30″ so you can put your microphone right where it needs to be. Toss it on the top of your favorite existing straight stand, or get a little more creative by attaching it to our Sidekick or Super Sidekick tripod accessory clamps for extra boomability. Better yet, attach it to our exclusive Extend-A-Leg Mic Standfor the most versatile mic boom stand around.



  • One (1) Telescoping Mic Boom Arm
  • Backup functionality as an outdoor walking stick in extreme, very strange situations