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Mic / Music Stand Magnetic Tablet Holder (MSTH)


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As portable electronic devices prove themselves useful in nearly every situation, one will surely find its way on stage with you.  

With this holder, you will have approximately 1,215 degrees of freedom to position your tablet exactly where you want it. Wing screws allow the assembly to move easily when you want it to, and lock it in place when you don't.   

The Mic Stand Tablet Holder utilizes a low-profile adhesive coupler which remains attached to the back of your device or its cover.  The coupler creates a surprisingly strong magnetic attachment point that will not affect the functionality of the device. While only 0.2" thick, the coupler provides a secure hold on even the largest tablets, and yet still works great with smartphones.   The powder coated steel arm secures a rock solid grip on all mic, music, & cymbal stands ranging from 1/2"-1" in diameter.

Many cases fit over the adhesive coupler. In some instances, customers will adhere the coupler to the outside of a hard case (instead of directly to the device). 

Watch the video to see how it works:

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