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PortaStand Extend-A-Leg Mic Stand (PAS-ELMS)


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Sometimes, live performances are a bit of an off-road, all-terrain battle. Uneven surfaces are the musician’s pet peeve, from grassy parks to slanted stages—so we came up with the all-metal AWD vehicle of mic stands. With a backpack-friendly collapsed length of just 20″ and 4 tiers reaching a seemingly impossible max height of 63″, our Extend-A-Leg Mic Stand features another brand-new functionality we developed to counteract uneven ground: individually extendable legs. If you find yourself on a not-so-flat surface, simply adjust each of the Extend-A-Leg Mic Stand’s three tripod legs until things level out. From there, the nickel-plated 5/8″-27 mic thread at the top will happily hold any standard mic clip, microphone boom, tablet mount, or other accessory with a common mic thread attachment.



  • One (1) all-metal Extend-A-Leg Mic Stand
  • A love for the outdoors and obtuse angles


  • Collapsed Length: 20″
  • Height Range: 20″ to 63″
  • Attachment: Nickel-plated 5/8″-27 mic thread